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"Real, Relevant and Rooted to the cause of Jesus Christ."

Our History


Second Missionary Baptist Church, Chattanooga, TN - Since 1866

Second Baptist has a long and rich history. Its roots go back to 1866 when a group of persecuted Negroes left Wauhatchie and came to Chattanooga. Here the group organized into a religious fellowship under the name of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church. The first church building was constructed on donated land located at Tenth and Elm Streets. Later the church plant was renovated to face Sixth Street. Also, the name of the church was changed to Second Baptist. In later years, the congregation again relocated and built a new church plant at 14th and Grove Streets. The present structure here on Third Street was completed and entered into in January 1975.

Second Baptist has been blessed with consecrated and talented shepherds. Twenty pastors have served this church during these 100 plus years. Each pastor (see below) has made his own contribution to the membership.

Since its humble beginnings, and in spite of two divisions of the church, the membership has steadily increased. The present membership includes over 1,200 persons on roll. There has been good lay leadership among the ranks of the Second Baptist membership. There is a spirit of dedication and cooperation among this body which has largely accounted for its accomplishments.

The pastors and members of this congregation have been and are involved in leadership positions in local, state, and national church activities. There is a deep consciousness within this church of the civic and civil rights concerns of our community. Many of our pastors and members have been and are involved in giving leadership to these areas of concern.

The church is sensitive toward its witness for Christ in the community. One of our most meaningful involvements is that of the Bus Ministry. In this program, we seek to carry the gospel to the community and bring the community to the gospel. Second Baptist supports both home and foreign mission work. Our theme and challenge as a church is “to be and do what God desires us to be and do.”  

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