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"Real, Relevant and Rooted to the cause of Jesus Christ."

What to Expect when you attend for the 1st Time?

pictureWhat can I expect when I come to Second?

Want a glimpse of what to expect when you visit at Second? In the midst of encountering an impassioned worship experience, strong biblical teachings, and a welcoming church family - here are some other questions you may have upon your first visit to Second Missionary Baptist Church.

What will I learn at Second?

Here at Second you will learn the unspeakable joy that is found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. At Second we preach Jesus, and Jesus alone. From clear biblical teachings, empowering worship experiences, and engaging ministry opportunities you'll develop a healthy faith-walk with Christ, and an understanding of your role in the Body of Christ.

What do I wear at Second?

Comfort levels are different for everyone. Our church family is comprised of a myriad of persons from different backgrounds and thus you'll see formal suits, dresses, casual suits, relaxed dress, jeans, shorts and the like. While we encourage persons to be comfortable in their dress, here at Second we also ask persons to remember that we're in the House of the Lord. So what are you waiting for? Get dressed and come join us for worship!

What type of music will I hear at Second?

We are a church that loves to praise and worship, therefore we celebrate with both contemporary and traditional genres of Christian music inclusive of gospel, hymns, anthems, and contemporary.



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