Board Of Trustees


The Trustees shall hold in trust all property belonging to the church and shall protect, manage, and maintain all church property.

When We Meet

Meeting Times

The last Tuesday before the first Sunday of every month at 6:00 PM ET


Onsite Classroom

Meet Sister Francine

Francine Brown, Chairlady Trustee

"The Trustee Board has the responsibility for maintaining and improving the church property.   The Trustees maintain good financial practices and render good decisions concerning the stewardship of these church assets.  The results will ensure that church property in all its various forms is available and maintained for members and ministries to be productive now and for years to come."

Frequently Asked Questions

Are action of the Board of Trustees subject to other approvals?

Yes, in many cases the Official Board must approve some actions taken by the Trustees. The Official Board is made up of the board of Deacons and Trustees.

There are some cases that the actions of the Official Board requires approval of the church membership.

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