Recalling the Character of Christ

In this most difficult time, character matters. Whether it is in the public or private arenas
of life, what we do and what we say has an impact upon the lives of people. Yet,
because of our human nature we often have missteps and lapses in judgement that
show the flaws in our humanity. However we can have confidence in the character of
Christ. In Revelation 3: 7, John records the words of Christ, “ 7  And to the angel of the
church in Philadelphia write; These things saith he that is holy, he that is true, he that
hath the key of David
,” In this text he tells us plainly who He is and what He has. Who
He is “that is holy and true". And what He has are “the Keys of David” The Hebrew
word for “holy” literally means “separate” or “set apart.” This is helpful for us because it
means, when we’re talking about Christ’s holiness, we’re talking about His absolute
purity. He is unstained by sin and evil. He is perfect in every way, and perfectly good all
the time. His character is without flaw or blemish. His care will never be canceled out
by selfishness or apathy. Because our Redeemer is holy and completely separate from
all moral imperfections, He is able to love us with a full and perfect loves. He loves us in
spite of ourselves because the Holiness of His character will do no less.

But the text says he is true. Meaning he is absolutely genuine. There is no discrepancy
between what He says about Himself and who He actually is. Christ never does one
things and says another. Christ is not an impostor, or charlatan, or fraud, or phony, He
is perfect and true. He is the essence of truth and perfection, the originator of
righteousness, and the fulfillment of all prophecy.

Lastly, He "holds the key of David." All of this means is Jesus has the Keys to the
Kingdom, both in the earthly realm and the heavenly realms. He has the key to the
Kingdom from where all blessings flow. He possesses the keys of salvation and
everlasting life. He has the key to health and healing, providence and provision, and all
authority. All of this matters, because when you understand his character even in times
such as this it lets us know God is able.
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